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I may just have watched the most emotionally satisfying episode of Glee since the season 1 finale.

At the beginning of this season, it felt like the Glee writers had regained their focus. No more songs slotted in just to move iTunes sales, no more tribute episodes or stunt casting, no more Jukebox Blaine. But all too soon that promise withered, and we were back to nonsensical storylines, after-school specials, and characters who served the plot, rather than the other way around.

But tonight, in a tribute episode to Whitney Houston of all people, the show attained some measure of real feeling. I fully admit that Kurt and Blaine are the main reason I’m still watching the show (due to Chris Colfer’s enormous talent and my ridiculous crush on Darren Criss) so the fact that the most emotionally involving thread centred around their relationship certainly biases me. But for once, we actually got to see them talking – acting as though they were in a real relationship. The “drama” cooked up to get them there was silly, of course, but the writers finally addressed the separation syndrome that all high school couples – even those where both parties are graduating – go through.

Making Blaine a junior was a patently obvious move on the creators’ part to keep Criss, their cash cow, in the choir room for another year. Leaving aside the monumental personality change required to go from last season’s confident gay mentor to this year’s worshipful puppy dog, it seemed as though the writers didn’t think through the fact that Kurt encouraging Blaine to switch schools was a real dick move on his part, considering he’d be graduating and Blaine would be stuck in horrible McKinley for a year without him. And finally, the show addressed that problem. The result was a moving scene where Kurt and Blaine actually talked rather than singing at each other, and acted as though they might actually be in a real relationship. (Never mind that when Glee actually tackles these plot holes it starts to resemble fan fiction. This is one of the rare shows where the fanficcers are often better writers than the showrunners.)

The show has addressed the “where do we go from here” with Mercedes and Finn-and-Rachel, so it’s to be hoped we’ll get similar storylines for Santana and Brittany and especially Mike and Tina. (Jenna Ushkowitz has been sooooo underused on this show it’s not even funny; Tina has the potential to be such a badass and they just give her nothing.)

Random observations:

  • Puck gives all the guys empty shot glasses? Whatever. Also, it’d be nice to know what happened with Shelby and Beth; Puck may have demonstrated the most emotional growth of any character this season and then it just got dropped.
  • I continue to not care about Will and Emma.
  • Where are Sugar and Rory? I know Irishface only had so many episodes in his contract, but I didn’t realize that applied to Sugar as well. They really should have hired the girl who played Harmony; she was by far the best of the Glee Project people they’ve had on.
  • Why is Quinn getting into a relationship now, when she’s about to leave? Honestly, she’d be so much better off learning how to be on her own. I also miss her hanging out with Artie, as that’s a pairing we never saw much, and Autotuned-Dianna-Agron sounded good with Slightly-Less-Autotuned-Kevin-McHale.

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The trailer makes this look disturbingly Juno-esque, i.e., chock full of jokes and too clever by half. The difference being, Chris Colfer was 20 when he wrote this, while Diablo Cody was in her 30s.

….Yeah, I’m still probably going to see it.

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Back on the blog, to wonder why it took so long for someone to tell Will Schuester he’s a slut.

I’ve been enjoying Glee a lot since I caught it in the fall – it’s wonderfully campy, the cast is super-talented and of course Jane Lynch is awesome.

But I’ve had a big problem with the Will character, practically from the beginning. Matthew Morrison is damn cute and I don’t wish him off the show or anything, but the writing has been inconsistent and his performance isn’t quite doing it for me.

Let’s look at what we know:

  • He remembers Glee Club as being one of the only times he was really happy in high school.
  • His cheerleader soon-to-be-ex-wife told him the only reason their relationship worked was because he felt bad about himself.
  • The current Glee Club seems to be the only thing he’s really enjoying in his current work.

And yet:

  • He goes after Emma basically the minute his marriage breaks up
  • He makes out with the coach of Vocal Adrenaline
  • He lets himself be talked into a sleep-over with Kristen Chenoweth.

All these things might indicate an emotionally messed-up guy, which Will is. So far, not a big deal, although he also comes across as stupid.

But my biggest problem is that, while the kids are able to act their performances, Morrison stops being Will and starts being himself as soon as he starts singing. The guy described above doesn’t sound like someone who’d routinely break out Vanilla Ice or Young MC at the drop of a hat (which he’s done). He doesn’t sound like someone who’d sing “Thong Song” unironically (which he’s done). It feels like a lot of his numbers are being chosen to fit Morrison’s tastes rather than the character’s.

I understand you have to keep your stars happy, and God knows, Morrison makes more sense as a sex bomb than a dork. I just think the character would have been better served if he hadn’t been written as such a sad sack from the beginning.

Also: Go Emma Pillsbury. It’s time someone pegged Will as a man-whore.

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7:02: It’s pouring rain on the red carpet and some guy with an official umbrella just dumped a bunch of water on Billy Bush’s back. Ha!

7:05, a sentence I never thought I’d write: Tracy Morgan and my mom both use the phrase “[You’re] not made of sugar, [you] won’t melt.”

7:07: Dude sighting! I love that Jeff Bridges knows T-Bone Burnett.

7:09: January Jones and Marion Cotillard smartly wore black, unlike Kristen Bell, who apparently was determined to wear white. Also, just saw the Glee kids arriving. Squee!

7:10: Chloe Sevingy looks slightly less insane than usual, but I’m sure she wishes she weren’t wearing such a light, floaty dress in all that rain.

7:12, Courteney Cox looks So. Good. I’m fairly sure she’s had some work done, the lines around her mouth are weirdly tight, but my God, she’s gorgeous, and her dress looks great, too. I love sparkly sashes.

7:14: Colin Firth! Yum, yum, yum, and he was dressed by Tom Ford, natch. Nice studs, Mr. Firth.

7:21: Gerard Butler: “I hope you enjoyed that commercial break, because I’ve been standing here in the rain, waiting.” Hee! Grumpy Scotsmen are the best.

7:23: There have long been rumours that Harrison Ford is a heavy wake-and-baker, and his interview sure seemed to confirm that, although maybe Billy Bush just has that soporific effect on people.  At least he’s aging better than Paul McCartney, who should really stop dyeing his hair.He’s also wearing a scarf that looks like he’s got badges all over it.

7:25: Robert Downey Jr.! Looking completely uninterested in award show banter, as usual. Awkward!

7:28: Mickey Rourke looks appropriately insane and is dating a gorgeous, super-skinny model type. God, it is sooo unfair. Any woman who looked like that kind of hot mess would never get, say, George Clooney on her arm.

7:29: Mariah Carey should really invest in a bra. That’s right, I forgot she was in Precious. Well, hopefully this means she won’t be performing.

7:31: Love the deep-purple colour of Sandra Bullock’s dress, but the style is very early-90s-prom.

7:34: Mrs. Tobey Maguire’s dress is white and lacy and floaty, but it has a heavy silver zipper running down the back. This Visible Zipper trend MUST END now! It’s so ugly and unflattering and, frankly, lacks chic.

7:39: Julia Roberts is taking over Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s interview OF COURSE. I do enjoy her telling Billy Bush that NBC is in the toilet right now, though. Tom Hanks: “NBC said it was going to rain at 10 but then moved it back to 11:30.” Awesome. Hanks is clearly Team Conan. I wonder what’s going to happen when he’s got a movie to plug on the Tonight Show? Maybe if you’re Tom Hanks you’re exempt from publicity junkets.

7:46: Quentin Tarantino! Man, they’ll never get to focus on another starlet if they let him get started. He looks like he’ll be joining Harrison Ford out back for a toke or two. I can’t believe there’s another Kill Bill in the offing; I liked the films but it kind of feels like everything’s been said, since both Bill and the guy who played him are, you know, dead.

Okay, it’s 10 minutes to game time, and I need to get some food and drink before the show starts. I’m not going to have Ricky Gervais be drunker than I am, dammit. Post-game recap as soon as possible.

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