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One of my resolutions every year is to write a new post at least once a week. That probably won’t happen again, but at least for the month of January I’m going to try to do one every day. I ganked this from Pam on Facebook last year but never transferred the stuff over here. So, without further ado: 30 Songs in 30 Days.

Day 1: Your Favourite Song:

“Fool’s Gold” by the Stone Roses. You know that KITH sketch where Bruce is like “I wish this song was a whole day long”? That’s how I feel about “Fool’s Gold.” It’s the rare 10-minute song you wish were longer. It’s odd, because lyrics are usually really important to me, but I couldn’t even tell you what they’re saying here for the most part. I guess at base I really am That Girl, the one who says “It’s got a great beat, I can dance to it!


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I wish this song was a whole day long…

When I was 17, I and three of my friends (J., C., and Asha) travelled up to Toronto to see a Kids In The Hall taping at the CBC studios. We were all ginormous KITH fans and had even written a new version of “The Daves I Know” featuring both my high school boyfriend and Dave T., the boyfriend of our friend S.B. …Yes, we were giant dorks. What of it? My dad dropped us off (after chatting with Shelagh Rogers, who was randomly at the door) and was mildly freaked out by all the tattoos and dyed hair on the people waiting in line. Which is hilarious, considering these were exactly the kind of people I made friends with once I got to university.

Anyway, the Kids were a bit past their prime at that stage (Season 2 was the high water mark, as far as I’m concerned), but we did get to see a couple of skits that went on to become KITH classics, such as the “I’ve lost my pen!” skit and the one where Bruce is only 17 inches tall and is nearly killed by a cat wandering the studio. The taping went on for about an hour, covering enough material for at least two shows, and they only had to redo something once, when Scott was late and missed his cue. Shadowy Men played live in the studio, which was awesome.

Afterwards, we hung around to get autographs. They were all a bit stand-offish (except maybe for Mark, who responded well to the news that he was our favourite. Heh) but only Scott came off as a bit of a diva, which, I suppose, could have been an act. We also got Paul Bellini’s autograph. I can honestly say I’ve touched Paul Bellini!

So, just because I’m in a Kids In The Hall mood today:

I especially love Dave Foley coming around the corner on the chorus.

This is my absolute favourite KITH sketch ever. It is so, so twisted. The knowledge that Kevin’s dad really was a horrible drunk lessens my appreciation not one bit. Does that make me a bad person?

And, from the same episode: the girls of summer…

I love how great Scott Thompson is at playing both exceedingly gay and scarily straight, like so…

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