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Missed a day already – sigh. Stupid flu. So, without further ado:

Day 4 – A Song that Makes You Sad: All I Want Is You, by U2. There are a lot of songs by this band that make me weep, but this one is a real Kleenex-shredder. Combine it with the video and I am DONE.

Day 5 – A Song that Reminds You of Someone: In the Road by Weeping Tile reminds me of Monie Blevins. This is a candidate for “makes me sad,” too, but Weeping Tile has a very specific time/place association for me. Sarah Harmer and other members of the band were semi-regulars at the cafe I worked at in university, and I was introduced to their music there, even though they’d pretty much broken up by then. Monie adored Harmer and I remember her playing this on the ferry over to Wolfe Island for one of the Sleepless Goat parties.

Edit: Arrgh, for whatever reason that second video won’t embed, so above is a link, anyway. Gorgeous tune.


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